Each day our meals are prepared fresh. Our meals are all prepared in individual and family size portions. We package our meals in a microwavable/oven-ready dish that is not only environmentally friendly but also great for presentation. Just place the dish in the microwave or oven, heat and serve! It is that simple. Delicious meals, no msg, no additives or preservatives. Just fresh ingredients.

Are you going away? Why not call ahead and order our family size meals ready to go! Fresh made, healthy and oven ready. Deposits not needed for our take out packaging.

Dish Deposits for ceramic dish: $5.00 small. $10 large.

Just return the dishes at your convenience and receive a full refund. No receipt necessary. If this does not suit your lifestyle then please ask our servers to put the meal in one of our to-go dishes

Individual Hot Meal (Serves 1-2 People)

Shepherd’s Pie- $11.95

Mac + Cheese with 5 Cheese Blend – $9.95

Garden Vegetable Pasta with Asiago – $8.95

Chicken Shish Kabob with Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Vegetables – $9.50

Chicken Shish Kabob with Rice Pilaf – $9.50